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Digital Marketing Course for Starters

Launch Your Digital Marketing Career

Electronic commerce
  • 10 Video Lessons - over 5 hours of content
  • Access to Course Content for Life
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

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About the Course Instructor

Google Adwords Certified Instructor
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Digital Marketing Instructor Media Coverage
Digital Marketing Course Instructor Quoted by Sitepoint
Digital Marketing Course Instructor Quoted by IgniteVisibility
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Covers Everything - SEO, SEM, SM, Video, Email, Landing Pages, Analytics & Tools


  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-page optimization
  • Effective Use of Tags
  • Off-page optimization
  • Body Text
  • Link Building
  • Evaluating Competitor links
  • Local SEO
  • SEO for Wordpress


  • Introduction to SEM
  • Keywords Research
  • SEM Terms and Concepts
  • Creating Campaigns & Ads
  • Dynamix Texts & URLs
  • Ad Extensions
  • Optimizing Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads

Social Media

Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to SM
  • SM Impact on SEO
  • Major SM Properties
  • Engaging with Users
  • Selling on Social Media
  • Advertising on Social Media
  • Social Media Best practices


youtube marketing
  • Introduction to YouTube
  • YouTube and SEO
  • Setting up a Channel
  • Uploading Videos
  • Video Manager & Editor
  • Optimizing YouTube Videos
  • Things to Avoid


Email Marketing Tips
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Importance of Email Marketing
  • List Building Techniques
  • Selecting Email Marketing Service
  • Setting Up Email Campaign
  • Writing High Converting Emails

Landing Pages

Creating High Converting Landing Pages
  • What is A Landing Page
  • Anatomy of Landing Page
  • Designing a Lead Capture Page
  • Designing a Click Through Page
  • Call to Action
  • Example of High Converting Page


Google Analytics Training
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Wordpress

Course Structure:

  • 10 Video Lessons  totaling over 5 hours
  • Computer and Internet Connection needed
  • Online Videos and Reading material accessible for life

Why Should You Do This Course:

  • Quality & Reliability – We are a Microsoft Digital Advertising partner  which means Microsoft has validated our capability in digital marketing
  • Experienced Instructor – The instructor is Google, HubSpot and Bing certified with over 7 years of internet marketing experience
  • Comprehensive Curriculum – Everything you need to know to get started with Digital Marketing
  • Market Validation – Receive Course Certificate from Trainedge

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